PDMS microfluidics
VTT-Technical Research Centre of Finland
VTT is one of Europe’s leading research institutions, owned by the Finnish state. Our task is to advance the utilisation and commercialisation of research and technology in commerce and society.
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Non-photonic peripherals
NON-PHOTONIC PERIFERALS [Microfluidics] PDMS high volume
NP3 Microfluidics
PDMS high-volume
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Technology provider Manufacturer Production services Integrator R&D Consultancy Equipment
R2R printing lines at VTT are capable to produce multilayer circuitries in high volumes
Substrate carrier PET
Substrate carrier thickness 10-300 um
Fluidics chip material Silicone (PDMS)
Chip thickness 20-500 um
Substrate type Roll
Roll width 100-300 mm
Roll length 10-100 m
Working area 409 x 300 mm
Feature size sub-micrometer up to mm
Feature depth sub-micrometer up to 300 um
Aspect ratio 1:01
File format .dxf
R2R imprinter at VTT for the fabrication of PDMS microfluidics.
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