Replicated Polymer microlenses on wafer
CSEM is a privately held, R&D center established in 1984 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. From the beginning, CSEM has been committed to both applied and order-related R&D. This bridge function between economics and science is still a core aspect of the company, and CSEM has continuously adapted its research areas to the needs of industry.
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Photonic components
PHOTONIC COMPONENTS [Micro-optics] Polymer
PC2 Micro-optics
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Technology provider Supplier Manufacturer Integrator R&D
Replicated microlenses, gap-independent specification, on wafer chunk or full wafer.
Gap min 1 um
Array Hexagonal / Square / None
Substrate Wafer or wafer chunk
Substrate material Glass, silicon, III-V, polymers, etc.
Substrate size min 20x20 mm2
Substrate size max 150 mm
Residual layer min From 50 um down (depends on the 
replication area and lens material)
Lens material Polymer / hybrid polymers / sol-gel
Lens shape Circular / Cylindric / Square footprint
Sag max 300 um
Sag min 1 um
Diameter max 2 mm
Diameter min 2.6 um
Alignment precision < 2 um
Advanced Microlenses Fabrication Techniques, CSEM Scientific and Technical Report 2016.
CSEM PC2 0002 V1.3
ISO 9001
Max quantities: 50-100 wafers / year