3D-printed steel fluidic device dev.
CSEM is a privately held, R&D center established in 1984 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. From the beginning, CSEM has been committed to both applied and order-related R&D. This bridge function between economics and science is still a core aspect of the company, and CSEM has continuously adapted its research areas to the needs of industry.
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Non-photonic peripherals
NON-PHOTONIC PERIFERALS [Opto-mechanics] Metal tooling
NP2 Opto-mechanics
Metal tooling 2D and 3D printing
in vitro diagnostics in vivo diagnostics therapeutics others
Technology provider Supplier Manufacturer Integrator R&D
The picture shows a 3D printed metal part with channels of 1mm diameter. Additionally the channels were flow polished for improved surface roughness and cleanliness. A number of UNF-threads have been printed on top of the fluid channels to allow fast connection of bottles and filters to ultimately perform a sample preparation procedure of a liquid solution before being analyzed on a photonic bio-chip.
Substrate size 100x100x30 mm
Feature minimum size 0.6 mm
Substrate material Stainless Steel
Post-processing options Flow polishing
Input file DXF
xy resolution 100 um
z resolution 100 um
minimum hole diameter 1.0 (H) / 0.6 (V) mm
minimum hole-hole distance 0.5 mm
minimum distance to edge 0.5 mm
3D printing in steel is used for rapid prototyping but also for small series production. At CSEM we do the designs and evaluation but outsource the manufacturing and post-processing task to our partners.
CSEM NP2 0001 V1.0
ISO 9001
Typically up to 100 samples (credit-card / 1cm thick) per month depending on task complexity