Injection molding for microfluidics
CSEM is a privately held, R&D center established in 1984 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. From the beginning, CSEM has been committed to both applied and order-related R&D. This bridge function between economics and science is still a core aspect of the company, and CSEM has continuously adapted its research areas to the needs of industry.
MedPhab partner
Photonic components Non-photonic peripherals
NON-PHOTONIC PERIFERALS [Microfluidics] Injection moulding
PC2 Micro-optics PC4 Optical components
NP3 Microfluidics
Injection molding UV-curable
in vitro diagnostics in vivo diagnostics therapeutics others
Technology provider Supplier R&D Consultancy
Injection molding of micro-/nanooptical elements which for example can be combined with microfluidic designs. Ability to provide development and test runs for small series testing and production with various materials according to customer requirements (e.g., PMMA, PC, COC, COP, ABS, PET,...).
Maximum component size 40x40 mm
Resolution 200 nm
Micro-fluidic channel integration possible
Materials PMMA/other
Fully-automated industrial grade injection molding machine for micro-optics and fluidics. Suitable for prototyping and small-series production.
CSEM NP3 0005 V1.0
2 3 4 5
3 4 5 6 7
ISO 9001
Typically up to 100-300 samples per day