Characterisation of optical systems
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DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT [Characterization testing /services] Analyze, measure, characterize (e.g.) microfluidics
"[Characterization testing /services] Analyze, measure, characterize (e.g.) microfluidics"
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Optical characterisation of clinical systems

Tyndall is capable of performing detailed characterisation of optical systems aimed for clinical use and measurements on biological tissues. Due to extreme heterogeneous composition of samples found in the clinic, it is essential to account for inherent variations of measurement systems and establish limits of detection. Tyndall, using it's vast experience and equipment, can characterise system's dynamic range, spectral bandwidth, transmission, out-of-band rejection and many more parameters that reflect system's performance. Detailed characterisation will remove a large degree of uncertainty from quantitative measurements, ensuring that the system’s specification is matched to it's intended use.

Optical characterisation of clinical systems