Multispectral optical sources
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Multispectral optical sources

Tyndall has extensive experience designing and building bespoke multispectral sources for biophotonics applications such as spectroscopy and autofluorescence. These biophotonics light engines will typically have 2 – 8 separate emitters coupled to a multimode fibre with high efficiency. The emitter types will typically be a combination of laser diodes, LEDs and SLEDs. The wavelengths can be in the UV, visible and near-infrared region. Tyndall have developed a compact and flexible optomechnical platform to combine single emitters through dichroic filters that can be tailored to a particular application. The design can include multi-channel driver electronics and custom control software.

  • Number of sources : 2-8
  • Spectral region : UV, VIS, NIR
  • Output type : Free-space or fibre-coupled
1-5 months