Fibre optic probes
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Fibre optic probes

Tyndall have designed and built a broad range of fibre optic sensing probes for clinical applications, such as tissue identification for diagnostics and surgical guidance. The optical fibres can be integrated into a standalone probe or integrated into bespoke surgical tools. The probes can consist of a single optical fibre for bidirectional excitation and detection or multiple optical fibres in a given arrangement. The optimum probe geometry for a given application can be studied with numerical methods such as Monte-Carlo tissue models and Zemax ray tracing. Tyndall is well placed to further design and build a full backend system to spectrally combine and separate excitation and detection light. Tyndall can undertake extensive optical characterisation of fibre probes using custom optical phantoms for, e.g., diffuse reflectance and autofluorescence.

  • Number of fibres : 1-20
  • Spectral region : UV, VIS, NIR, mid-IR
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1 2 3 4 5 6
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