Fiber Optics Probes
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Our optical fiber probe technologies allows us to integrate optical fibers in larger devices like biopsy needles and catheters. Additionally, other sub-technologies can be implemented such as splicing, tapering, cleaving and so on. Moreover, our capabilities allows us integrating these optical fibers in connectors and via other sub technologies like polishing, we can improve the optical quality of the end face. For more information, visit our website:

Fiber types (non PM): Single-mode, multi-mode, photonic crystal, large mode, PCF, capilary tubes, non-circular fibers

Fiber types (PM): Panda, elliptical, bow tie

Max. fiber cladding diameter: 1.25mm

Splice loss (typical): 0.02dB

Splice strength (typical): >250kpsi

Fusion method: Filmanet fusion

Tapering length: 2-150mm

Adiabatic tapering loss: <0.01dB

Angle cleaving: Yes

Cleave method: Tension and scribe

Scribe: Diamond blade, stepper motor controlled

Wet poishing: Yes

Polishing materials: aluminium oxide

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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001
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