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Microdul is the expert in the manufacture of high-quality micromodules. We manufacture excellent individual solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We master the processes required for the implementation of your product from development and engineering, through to production and test of custom applications.
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Microdul AG is a highly experienced contract manufacturer for industrial and medical electronics (Class I, II and III medical devices) that counts world class companies amongst its customers. Our quality system fulfils the requirements for ISO9001, ISO13485 and our customer’s requirements too. Our company focusses on microsystem technologies including flip-chip, die-bonding, wire-bonding and, custom ultra-low-power (nA, nW) IC development and supply.

Among Microdul’s strengths is the exceptional know-how in the areas of chip-on-chip, chip-on-board and chip-on-ceramic applications. Microdul masters the following process technologies and more:

  • Miniaturisation of electronics
  • Assembly on rigid flex, substrates
  • Substrate design
  • Die and wire bonding (Al, Au), 15-350 um wire diameter
  • Chip on Chip (COC), Chip on Ceramik, Chip on Board (COB), Chip on Flex (COB), Package on Package (POP)
  • Globtop coating
  • Flip chip assembly 150um pitch
  • SMD mounting, 01005 Packages (0.2 x 0.4mm)
  • Stud Bumping (Au) on Die and Wafer.
  • Assembly on different substrates; flex rigid, thick film, thin film, Ceramic packages, direct copper bonding DCB
  • Solder Ball Attach (BGA)
  • Vacuum soldering (for power applications, CPV)
  • Hand soldering
  • Adhesive joining
  • Heat sealing
  • Laser trimming (active/passive)    
  • Module potting
  • 100% functional testing
  • Failure analysis (X-Ray, X Section)
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (quality management system for medical modules)
  • ASIC design (Low-Power, mixed Signal Arrays)

Wire Bonding
13485; 9001
1 million products