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PHOTONIC COMPONENTS [Integrated circuits] Silicon photonics
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Silicon photonics
Imec’s 50G silicon photonics platform co-integrates a wide variety of passive and active 50Gbd building blocks in a single platform. The platform targets cost-efective, high-performance 50Gb/s NRZ and 100Gb/s PAM-4 optical link solutions for telecom and datacom. Imec ofers its integrated silicon photonics iSiPP50G platform to multiple partners at fixed tape-in dates, through regular multiproject wafer (MPW) runs. - Simplified MPW 8" platform run. - Available in 2-3 runs a year
Strip Waveguide C-band <2.0 dB
Strip Waveguide O-band <3.0 dB
Rib Waveguide C-band <1.0 dB
Rib Waveguide O-band <1.5 dB
Thickness Control <4.5 nm
Fiber Grating Coupler Insertion Loss 2,5 dB
Fiber Grating Coupler 1 dB bandwidth 29 nm
Fiber Edge Coupler Insertion Loss <2 dB
Fiber Edge Coupler 1 dB Bandwidth >100 nm
8 9
10 dies in 6 months