New Product Introduction
Jabil Circuit Austria GmbH
MedPhab partner
Integration Development Support
DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT [Characterization testing /services] Realization & prototyping, new product introduction
"[Characterization testing /services] Realization & prototyping, new product introduction"
Manufacturer Production services R&D
New Product Introduction
DfX – Design for Excellence
DOE -find& optimize the critical parameter
Creation of production documentation
Part/component/product qualification (PPAP)
Specification development/refinement 
Change management (design&process
Mechanical& automated assembly 
Production line design (scalability a.s.o.)“
Small scale production with desired grade of automation and traceability
Sensitive parts assembly, soldering and other various means of industrialization (e.g. jig-development)
Final & intermediate measurements on dedicated equipment (e.g. acoustic measuring)
Serial-labeling in different sizes with zebra printer (database/MES connected)
Screwing torque value measuring (pre-serial or AQL) with Reck Enineering
Various hand-lever presses for NPI/small batch processes lasermarking with vectormark by TRUMPF
ISO 9001, ISO 13458, ISO 14001