Screen-printed stretchable sensors
CSEM is a privately held, R&D center established in 1984 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. From the beginning, CSEM has been committed to both applied and order-related R&D. This bridge function between economics and science is still a core aspect of the company, and CSEM has continuously adapted its research areas to the needs of industry.
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INTEGRATION [Component assembly] Stretchable foil
NP1 Electronics
Printed circuit boards
IN3 Component assembly
Flexible foil Stretchable foil
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Screen printed pressure sensors consists of two flexible/stretchable polymer foils; one with interdigitated electrodes and the other one with patterned resistive paste. After fine layer thickness tuning, though thickness/resistance adjusting, foils are assembled. The interface with the external electronics is provided through the connectors suitable for overmolding. This way, hybrid integration between printed and conventional electronics is established.
Substrate material TPU
Conductive Ink formulation Stretchable and thermoformable inks: Ag, AgCl, carbon, dielectrics, Cu, CuO, Pt, Au…
Printed features typical size 30-100um
Stretchability of the hybrid system on foil 200%
Application case Electrodes on strechable foil for electrochemical analysis in biotechnology and printed-pressure sensors for force/load detection on robotic grippers.
Screen printed pressure sensors consists of two flexible/stretchable polymer foils. The application is targeting highly customized robotic gripper with non-planar/deforming surfaces.
CSEM IN3 0001 V1.0
Typically up to 100 samples per month