R2R UV-NIL Microoptics Structuring
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JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a professional leader of innovation and provider of technology, performing cutting-edge research at the highest international standards for 30 years. In MATERIALS, a team of around 80 researchers provides interdisciplinary solutions across the entire value chain – from the idea to the prototype - in the fields of * Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Foil Systems * Roll-to-Roll Micro-/ Nanostructuring * Chemo-/ Biofunctionalization * Additive Manufacturing * Laser-/ Plasmaprocessi
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R2R UV Nano Imprint Lithography system in symbiosis with greyscale laser lithography master preparation. JOR's Coatema installation enables the high-throughput pilot production of micro-optical or functional nanostructures as well as of microfluidic chips on foil substrates. UV resins are individually tunable to comply with demands.
Application High-Volume Micro-Optics Pilot Production
R2R Installation (Make) Coatema
Laminar Flowbox Level ISO 7
Roller width 300 mm
Web width <280 mm
Web mount core diameter 6 inch
Web velocity 0.5< v <30 m/minute
Imprint stamp dimension (L x W) 630 x 280 mm
UV curing power (@395 nm) <14 W/cm2
Imprinting Line pressure <400 N/cm2
Web cleaning contactless, double-sided
Corona activication power <1000 W
Drying temperature <200 degC
Web substrate requirements UV transparent, flexible
Web substrate thickness 36< d <300 um
Imprint resins properties UV curable, solvent-free
Imprint resins viscosity 20< x <1000 mPas
Imprint resins tunability elasticity, refractive Index, hydrophilicity
Feature size 0.1< d < several 100k um
Aspect ratio <5
Geometry options slight undercut, 2 1/2 D
4 5 6
3 4 5 6